Workouts week of 1/29/24

Our monthly focus for February will be to prepare for the annual CrossFit Open. You can register for the Open at

  • As you continue through the month, you’ll see partner and interval workouts throughout the month to get athletes moving at faster paces with higher intensity.
  • Prepare for the classic benchmark workout Amanda.
  • Find a 1-rep-max snatch and clean and jerk to test Olympic lifting strength before the online competition begins.
  • We will have five different workouts for max reps as athletes test their capacity through a variety of loads and movement types.


EMOM 12:
Odd min | 3 ring muscle-ups
Even min | max shuttle runs
– 1 shuttle = 25 ft down + 25 ft back


3 x 2:00 rounds:
12 front squats (105/155 lb)
Max burpee box jump-overs
Rest 2:00
– Step down from the box.


40 double-unders
10 push presses (65/95 lb)


6 sets for load:
3 deadlifts
– Use the same load across all sets.


5 rounds for time:
25 KB swings (35/53 lb)
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups


AMRAP 20 with a partner:
100-m farmers carry (35/53 lb)
200-m run
30 KB goblet squats (35/53 lb)
– Partners complete each run together and split goblet squats and farmers carries as desired.